Give Back

During these difficult times of COVID-19, The Elite OC is introducing ways to safely give back & get involved! Below you will find some of the charities & organizations we're currently partnering up with. Please visit their websites (click logo) below for more information:



iCare Heroes

Be a Hero to our Heroes, let’s put a mask on every Doctor, Nurse, Frontliner and First Responder. Our Federal, State and local governments are doing everything they can to keep our people on the front lines safe. Unfortunately, nearly everyone underestimated how the COVID 19 virus would spread and the massive demand for additional supplies that would be needed to keep our Frontliners safe.

Please donate. We need your help to make this happen. If everyone does just a little we can have a HUGE impact. The cost of a single N95 mask is now over $5.00. How many masks can you give to your community or to someone in need? If you feel so inspired, you can also start your own team and gather even more momentum.



Daisy Shoppe

With each mask purchased we will donate one mask to Family Assistance Ministry (Combating hunger and homeless in South Orange County) & Boys and Girls Club of Central Orange County (Currently working hard to support health care and emergency response workers):



Other Orange County Charities That Could Use Our Help:



Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County

Second Harvest Food Bank reaches out to the community for donations, grants, fundraising, food drives, food rescue, harvesting and volunteers to help provide food, education and advocacy for the hungry. Second Harvest Food Bank is committed to finding innovative, sustainable ways to end hunger in Orange County. 



Seneca Family of Agencies

Seneca Family of Agencies helps children and families through the most difficult times of their lives. In many cases, we are the last hope for young people who have come to see failure and discouragement as a way of life. Here at Seneca, we offer each child a simple but profound promise: You will be supported every step of the way, no matter what challenges you face. By supporting each child and family in identifying and building upon their resources and strengths, we enable them to approach the future with renewed optimism and a stronger sense of the possibilities for creating a new and different story for their lives.